SansMinds Has a New Section on the Magic Cafe!

SansMinds has always looked toward the future.  We care about the innovation and development of the best magic tricks in the world.  And we want to make sure that those tricks for sale right here on our website. 

But looking to the future is not the only path.  We have to also look through our past and be as inclusive as possible.  And so SansMinds is proud to announce that Steve Brooks has honored us by creating a special forum for us on the Magic Cafe! 

We think of it as a great new way for us to connect with new customers and have a suitable place for informal discussion regarding what we produce, how, and how to use it. 
It’s called “SansMinds Magic” and you can find it under the Room of Wonders section on the Cafe.  You can find every SansMinds related topic both past and present as well as all upcoming posts.  

We can’t wait to hear from you, and keep the conversation going.