Magic is shameful?

For those of you who think your spectators are not respecting you or even making fun of you, this is a must-read for you.

By the end of it, I hope you walk away thinking differently. I am saying all these from personal experience.


Sometimes we feel like spectators are making fun of us for being magicians.

The fact is, those are genuine reactions for those who start to believe magic is real because of your performance.

After some magic, people start to ask you if you can do some ridiculous stuff.

Hands you an orange and asks you to make it disappear?

Can u fly?

Can u make $1 into $100?

Not all of them are making fun of you. They are genuinely excited and are wondering if you can do what they actually wanna see.

We have opened a brief moment of wonderous dreaming for our audience when we show them magic.

We can enjoy performing magic more by acknowledging this fact and just have fun with them with cute honesty.


-Master Zee