Social Media Magic Is A Real Thing!

Social media has estimated 2.77 billion users worldwide in 2018.

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok is not only our playground to express our creativity and individuality but also our portfolio in some ways.

For influencers, you can grow your social media following to pursue your dreams and goals.

Your potential clients are very likely to be impressed by your amazing performance clips online and book you for high paying gigs.

Being able to present yourself on the internet is as important as to present yourself in real life if not more.

Patrick Kuns Share the Love has gone viral among magicians which made him a household name within the magic community.

Felix Bodden has gotten numerous high paying gigs in real life with his magic that have gone viral on Instagram which he has shared in his latest release with Sansminds: Social Media Magic Vol 1 

If you want to become a household name in the magic community or attract high ticket clients, then you should start looking into the magic that can move people on the other side of the screen.

Regardless of which platform you choose to perform magic in, take your leap and good luck.






Prepare yourself to be performance ready for any situation!

What to perform?

Having a great selection of materials to perform in specific situations

Certain magic can have stronger reactions if performed in specific situations. However, it is very hard to perform materials that are best suited for situations that are presented before you. The biggest obstacle is that one might not have a broad enough spectrum of materials to choose from. Therefore, people cannot pull out the ”best” trick with a moment of notice.

If you have never thought of what materials to perform on certain events, then you are very likely to present extremely vague and much less powerful magic to your spectators.

Events to consider:

- Birthday Party

- Halloween

- Christmas

- Local/International Talent Show

- Radio

- TV

- etc.


It is always great to have a list of materials that you wish to perform on certain specific events.

If the chance knocks your door and you are not ready, then you will lose this what could have been your life-changing event.

That being said, Halloween is not too far away. What materials would you use to surprise your clients or even friends and family?

Material suggestions for Halloween:

Absolute Zero: Insane visuals. Marvel style. Be like Superman and freeze any small object with a simple blow

Light It Up: Enhance the spooky vibe of any materials in your hands. Summon fire at your will!

Invisible Corner: Hottest trick trending the the magic world right now! Top up your social media game!