What makes a SansMinds Artist unique?

As a SansMinds Artist, you will be getting your very own Artist Page and Online Store featured on our website. Artists will receive 70% of the profits earned selling your merchandise, with the other 30% going to SansMinds. We use the 30% to maintain both your Artist Page and Online Store. That’s right! Our professional team handles all the technical aspects of running your store. That means you can spend more time creating products for your store, and less time on the logistics of maintaining one.

How to become a SansMinds Artist?

If you have a great idea and are ready to become a SansMinds Artist, just click on the Submit button at the top of our page. There you will find a section asking for your basic information, as well as a section to both demonstrate and explain your idea.

The section where you explain your effect is separated into two parts. One where you demonstrate the trick (via video), and a separate section to explain how you performed your trick.

A video demonstration of the trick is mandatory. If you do not have your own video ready, you can use our built in record function to record yourself via webcam. If you choose to upload your own video, please note there should be no edits, cuts, or background music.

As for the explanation of the trick, you can either type it out, or create a separate video explaining how it’s done.

We will generally review your submission within 48 hours, in which you will receive a response to whether your trick is approved or not. Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we encourage you to dedicate some time into the quality of your submissions, and make it something truly special that stands out from the rest.

If your submission is approved by our team, an electronic contract will be sent within 24 hours. Please read the contract carefully to ensure you fully understand the policies involved in becoming a SansMinds Artist.

Once you have approved the contract, we can begin discussing logistics at a time of your convenience, and get your creations out there for the world to enjoy!

What can you expect after becoming a SansMinds Artist?

You can expect 100% support from our team. We take the time to market not only your ideas, but you as the performer. We have flown multiple SansMinds Artist out here to Vancouver to shoot promotional videos, hang out at magic clubs, and just exchanging ideas and getting to know one another. By becoming a SansMinds Artist, not only are you becoming an entrepreneur, you are also becoming a member of our SansMinds family!

How long before my product is live?

The release dates of your submission will heavily depend on how complex your idea is. Making a quality product takes time, and we want to ensure that you are happy with the final results. There are multiple factors that can influence the time it takes, such as filming and gimmick development. Due to this, we cannot give you a definite estimate until we know more about your idea. Once we have reviewed your idea and discuss logistics, we can give you a proper estimate for a release date.