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Is Gravity Reel worth it?

Is Gravity Reel worth it?


Is it worth dropping $350 to buy another ITR? 

Watch the Gravity Reel trailer here if you haven't. 

Here is our short answer: 

It is so cool that you want it but Gravity Reel would be "overqualified" for many magicians for many casual situations. 

Who will benefit the most?

For the professional magician that makes the big bucks or want to get into the big league. 

It is for professional working magicians that need to do different routines. This is the perfect item for you. It will save you pocket space and give you peace of mind. The system gives you instant feedback on your full routine. Just let the device do the dirty work so you can focus on the presentation and the audience interaction.

If you want to compare this to Spider Pen Pro or Tarantula 2 from Mesika or Venom from Magie Factory, we honestly don't think they are in the same category. 

Keep reading for a more detail review.

The device

The big thing that sets Gravity Reel apart from the crowd is that it can program up to 3 sets of commands/routines. The remote control is essentially the brain that controls and indicates what is going on for the system. You don't need to be tech-savvy but it will take some time to set up. It is customized for personal preferences and performance style. At the same time, it will require some trial and error to get it perfect for you.

Is it really useful or is it just one of those nice to have?

Yes, it is useful. In a way, this becomes a 3 in 1 reel that you can quickly switch setting instead of changing the reel. If you are the super picky one and need everything to be perfect this would be it.

The thread

Although we did experience some hip cups, however, the thread is relatively easy to switch or fix compare to other items (THANK YOU JOAO!)

As for the thread strength, two people on our team think the Gravity Reel thread is slightly stronger and the other three people think they are all relatively the same. It is a close vote but the majority vote wins, so we will say it is relatively the same for our team. We will let you decide which is which for yourself.

The instruction

You will learn everything about the device from Joao and multiple routines from Tom. There is some overlap from Tom's older material. If you are looking for all brand new materials, they are not. However, Tom included additional new tips on the older work.

It is available in our store and ready to ship with Free express shipping.

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