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Vancouver, Canada

Tricky Tricks
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Tricky Tricks

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I found myself using “that’s a tricky trick” a lot last few months. Maybe it is because I watched a dude use this phrase from Chris Ramsay’s video, but it actually perfectly describes certain tricks.
For example, Hofinzer’s Aces, Oil and Water, any kind of spelling tricks, packet tricks, etc.
These tricks all have interesting plots and are usually routines, and it feels like “tricky tricks.”
They all have great effects and entertaining, but they also can be seen as silly tricks. Or even pointless tricks.
I mean, think about it. “If I shake it a little, you will see one ace is face down. It is Ace of Hearts. It tells me the suit of your card is a heart.”
“Red cards are oil, and black cards are water. If I shake them a little, they will mix, but if I wait for a moment, they will separate again.”
“Think of your mom’s maiden name and count how many letters are in that name and deal down that amount of cards.”
Tell me it doesn’t sound silly. The last one even seems pointless.
I, personally, am not a huge fan of tricky tricks, but I also cannot deny the entertainment value of these tricky tricks.
-Zee J Yan
[Thanks to Zee for allowing us to report this blog to share with our audience]