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Ugly Truth About Retention Vanish

Ugly Truth About Retention Vanish

Although I love retention vanish as a sleight but I do not think it is the best way approaching vanishes/false transfers.
Yea.. yea… I do retention vanish a lot but it is only for you magicianist people out there.
If I have to make my spectators think the coin is in my left hand but I have to retain it in my right hand, my go to move is Michael Rubinstein’s ROPS move. Not retention.
ROPS move is casual af while a retention vanish is never not weird.
I agree, it is visually deceptive, but it does not make much sense to feed a coin into another hand with such care. I’d just throw it or drop it. Even a finger palm false transfer is better move to utilize than a retention vanish in an actual performance tbh
This is why I have worked so much on rhythm trying to make my Ukawa Retention look like I am elegantly and delicately dropping the coin into another hand. However, the move itself is flawed in the beginning, so it will never look “perfect” imo
The only retention I actually use is Ukawa Retention because other ones just suck too much. This one does not suck as much lol
I don’t use retention vanish as a simple false transfer anymore but as a part of another move, like a click pass.
The point is, we have to be able to determine what is good and what is not.
Would you still practice something even when you know that there is no end and it might get you nowhere?
The thing is, you can learn a lot about magic and craft if you put enough time into certain things. I learned about the importance of timing, rhythm, flow, speed, tension, body language, and how to approach sleight of hand overall while learning retention vanishes. Also, we do not have to only practice to perform. At the end, we are just trying to have fun and practicing favorite moves is fun, isn't it?
So, my answer is, I did and I will.
PS: My click pass and click steal is my favorite click pass and click steal. The only reason I decided to make my own is that I did not like any other versions out there. They are too……. Not casual per se mwahahahahaha. You can check them out in Project Z :3
-Zee J Yan
[Thanks to Zee for allowing us to share his blog with our audience]