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What is happening to SansMinds.com online store?


We’ve decided to pass the torch on to the next generation. And SansMinds will be a platform that we keep to sometimes share and showcase our creative vlog or private work and accessories. We will no longer conduct sales at SansMinds.com as it’d be more like a digital magazine for our supporters over the years.


What happens to my SansMinds account?

It will now be your theonlinemagicstore.com account. Login using the same email address and password you’ve always used. If you have trouble accessing your account, our friendly support team is here to help!


Can I still buy SansMinds products?

Our full collection will at The Online Magic Store for you to make any purchases.


The site has not changed a lot why?

To make the transition as smooth as possible. We are transferring our store section of the website including database to The Online Magic Store website. This includes all the content and your order history. That is right, all your Sansminds.com order history and downloads will still be in your account. No need to download everything off SansMinds.com and no need to remember or make new log-ins.


Anything else to note?

If you have any store credit or coupon codes from before. They are still valid on theonlinemagicstore.com. If you have a customer case or any order issue prior to May 8. Brandon at SansMinds will continue to help you until it is resolved. Transaction on May 8 and onward, The Online Magic Store has the full control.


How to find out more

For any questions you might have – email us. We’d be happy to hear from you & always here to help!

Time for SansMinds to pass on the torch

We are SansMinds.

Many in the circle know that our main career is to create magic for TV programs and stars around the world; sharing some of our work with the magic community was an incident that branched out which we love doing with great passion. Through many emails and DMs from fans and supporters from around the world, we are thrilled to know that our work has helped many peers developed their material, and in some cases an entire career path. It meant the whole world to us and that’s what kept us going for over 15 years. We want to say nothing but thank you. We are grateful. 

When we first started our vision is to bring TV level magic, CGI-like effects, to the modern audience. The kind of visual stimulation people is looking for when watching Hollywood films. We are proud to say we believe we have accomplished the mission. In 15 years, we came from no-name to being one of the very few influential players and a creative leader in the industry with innovative products like Vapr, Imprint, Vanishing Ring Box, Vapr Watch, Absolute Zero, Rose Act, and many other daring effects. 15 years! We had a good run and we believe our mission is completed.

We’ve decided to pass the torch on to the next generation. And SansMinds will be a platform that we keep to sometimes share and showcase our creative vlog or private work and accessories. We will no longer conduct sales at SansMinds.com as it’d be more like a digital magazine for our supporters over the years. 

Over the years there are fans who have always been in close touch and consistently proven their passion for pursuing magic in its purest form. They have vision, passion, and a pure heart to push the art forward. Through endless long night talks and inner discussion in the team, we’ve decided it’s time. These amazing young artists remind us of when we first started up. They have always supported the SansMinds spirit, it’s our time to support the next generation.

We are transferring our online store website section and database and the remainder of stock to The Online Magic Store (TOMS) as the foundation for them to build a new empire and continue our legacy. SansMinds will be focusing on our Netflix and TV projects as well as the coming arena tour. And if time allows, we will be sharing our creative projects from time to time through TOMS. So this is not farewell forever.

TOMS will not only carry our visual creation that is best suited for TV shows and performers work in specific venues, but also recommend the best magic produced by other labels carefully selected by their passionate staff members to you! 

The time has changed. Many young artists, like Shin Lim, are new underground masters who have developed their intensive skills out of mainstream eyesight. TOMS will be their platform to shine and make a name to the world. 

We trust that TOMS will be the one place that you find all the best magic in the world! Either you are a hobbyist looking for a specific kind of magic to learn or a worker who is trying to find new materials in your repertoire, TOMS is there for you.

COVID-19 has affected all of us emotionally and financially. We would like to give some hands to young artists at this time, but we also want to provide more value to you.

That is why TOMS is making most new downloads available for $3 and most of the DVDs are $7! If you would like to tackle new tricks to play around during this time or simply want to support your favorite artists, definitely check out TOMS. This is only for there Grand Opening so be sure to go there quick!

TOMS would have our support wholeheartedly. May the SansMinds spirit lives on. The future is in good hands.

Visit www.TheOnlineMagicStore.com for their launching special. You will love what they have under their sleeve. Your SansMinds.com account will automatically be carried over so no need to create a new account. 

More questions? Read the FAQ here.

How To Get Kinda Famous?

Hello world, Zee here!


Not all magic can be performed anytime anywhere.

Not all magicians are treated equally.

Not all magicians are paid equally.

Stage performers utilize distances and having full control over the environment to perform impossible feats that can only be done on stage and make huge sums of money.

Close-up performers use the advantage of being so close up to spectators to create blind spots to work their miracles and make more than national monthly average income per hour.

TV magicians can use clever filming techniques to turn tricks that can be a bit mundane into the absolute work of art and makes a fortune.

This blog is specially written for those who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on magic, but still isn’t making a profit from doing magic.

Those who are not interested in getting paid to do what you love can probably stop here. Doing magic purely as a hobby asking for no return is also a beautiful thing to do.

If you want to get paid doing what you love, then the first step is to try to get gigs. That is not too hard. Just ask around, and you will get one in no time.

However, if you want to earn hundreds of dollars per hour as a magician, then you will need to package yourself as a high-end professional performer who is worth hundreds of dollars per hour.

How to do that?

Social Media.

If you have huge legit followings on social media, then it means you are well presented well in front of the world.

The pay difference between someone who has a little to none online presence and someone who has a well-groomed social media accounts is huge regardless of performance quality.

I know, society isn’t fair, but we have to play by society’s rule if we want to become successful in this unfair society.

Use the inequality in your favor, my friend.

I have compiled a small e-book on exactly how to get your name out there and to get recognized. That is the first step of becoming a million-dollar performer, but it is one of the most important steps to take.

For a limited time only, this push start is only $1.99.

I will share everything I know about social media, mostly focused on Instagram, to help you build your own brand and online presence.

If you follow everything I have talked about in this e-book, then you are already way ahead of those who do not work on self brandings.

Get it before it’s gone.

How To Get Kinda Famous? ebook


Thanks for reading the blog. Use code blog20 to get 20% off everything in the store

Social Media Magic Is A Real Thing!

Social media has estimated 2.77 billion users worldwide in 2018.

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok is not only our playground to express our creativity and individuality but also our portfolio in some ways.

For influencers, you can grow your social media following to pursue your dreams and goals.

Your potential clients are very likely to be impressed by your amazing performance clips online and book you for high paying gigs.

Being able to present yourself on the internet is as important as to present yourself in real life if not more.

Patrick Kuns Share the Love has gone viral among magicians which made him a household name within the magic community.

Felix Bodden has gotten numerous high paying gigs in real life with his magic that have gone viral on Instagram which he has shared in his latest release with Sansminds: Social Media Magic Vol 1 

If you want to become a household name in the magic community or attract high ticket clients, then you should start looking into the magic that can move people on the other side of the screen.

Regardless of which platform you choose to perform magic in, take your leap and good luck.






Prepare yourself to be performance ready for any situation!

What to perform?

Having a great selection of materials to perform in specific situations

Certain magic can have stronger reactions if performed in specific situations. However, it is very hard to perform materials that are best suited for situations that are presented before you. The biggest obstacle is that one might not have a broad enough spectrum of materials to choose from. Therefore, people cannot pull out the ”best” trick with a moment of notice.

If you have never thought of what materials to perform on certain events, then you are very likely to present extremely vague and much less powerful magic to your spectators.

Events to consider:

- Birthday Party

- Halloween

- Christmas

- Local/International Talent Show

- Radio

- TV

- etc.


It is always great to have a list of materials that you wish to perform on certain specific events.

If the chance knocks your door and you are not ready, then you will lose this what could have been your life-changing event.

That being said, Halloween is not too far away. What materials would you use to surprise your clients or even friends and family?

Material suggestions for Halloween:

Absolute Zero: Insane visuals. Marvel style. Be like Superman and freeze any small object with a simple blow

Light It Up: Enhance the spooky vibe of any materials in your hands. Summon fire at your will!

Invisible Corner: Hottest trick trending the the magic world right now! Top up your social media game!



Magic is shameful?

For those of you who think your spectators are not respecting you or even making fun of you, this is a must-read for you.

By the end of it, I hope you walk away thinking differently. I am saying all these from personal experience.


Sometimes we feel like spectators are making fun of us for being magicians.

The fact is, those are genuine reactions for those who start to believe magic is real because of your performance.

After some magic, people start to ask you if you can do some ridiculous stuff.

Hands you an orange and asks you to make it disappear?

Can u fly?

Can u make $1 into $100?

Not all of them are making fun of you. They are genuinely excited and are wondering if you can do what they actually wanna see.

We have opened a brief moment of wonderous dreaming for our audience when we show them magic.

We can enjoy performing magic more by acknowledging this fact and just have fun with them with cute honesty.


-Master Zee