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Vancouver, Canada

Morgan Strebler

Ice Cold

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Imagine walking up to anyone with no props, no pre-show, spectator writes nothing down.
You look directly into someone's eyes and start revealing details in their life, about their past, and even reveal the darkest side they keep closest to their heart.
This is extremely powerful and to be used for entertainment purposes ONLY.
Here are how respected masters in the field say about Ice Cold.

“…I’d recommend [Morgan’s Ice Cold] to the serious practitioner. While you may not agree with everything, there is no doubt that his readings are very powerful and effective.”
-Bob Cassidy

“…Anyone who is serious about cold reading should certainly take the time to look at and absorb [the ice cold techniques].”]
-Mark Salem

“…This rates as first class. [The Ice Cold Techniques] allow you to demonstrate the uncanny ability to enter one’s mind. This is not mere mentalism, it is cold reading on steroids…:
-Luca Volpe

Ice Cold is a series of practical techniques that allows serious practitioners of mentalism to give heart-hitting readings. It’s direct. It’s personal. It’s controversial. Ice Cold is Morgan's contemporary approach on traditional cold reading techniques. 

With Morgan’s unique No Miss system, you create a safety net to freely explore in the reading. If you are serious about developing your abilities in mentalism, now's your chance to add what Mogan has been working on for the past decade to your collection. 


Is Ice Cold practical in the real world?

No prop, billets, or anything involved but you and the spectator’s mind. It’s as practical as it gets.

Is Ice Cold a complete routine or just techniques you can adapt to your own routine? 

Ice Cold is a series of techniques that anyone could adapt into their current work. Morgan’s very own patter and ‘effect’ if you would, is also provided for owner of the project to use as a foundation to build his routine upon. So even one with no experience can easily follow and master the techniques.

What techniques are cover?
Without giving unnecessary information away, Ice Cold Techniques include 
  1. No Miss Reading Technique
  2. The Whisper Technique
  3. How to decide what to read and reveal base on geographic area
  4. Universal Palm Reading (Jazz Technique 1) 
  5. Universal Tarot Reading (Jazz Technique 2)
and more...
Is the Ice Cold Techniques difficult to master?
Anything worth mastering takes dedicated practice and time investment. Morgan explains his Ice Cold Techniques thoroughly and provide a basic ‘routine’ for anyone to begin with. With the No Miss technique, you can dive in and learn how to swim. You won’t master all techniques overnight, but you could start to apply the techniques tomorrow and receive good results. It’s like learning how to ride a bike or learning how to drive. As you gain more experience, the smoother and faster you go.

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