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Vancouver, Canada

Patrick Kun


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An item that has been made almost 6 years ago is finally seeing the light.


It is so good that it was not going to be release as a product. SansMinds Magic was willing to take the production lost and let Patrick kept in it in his secret act. 

Patrick has been known for creating hit impact practical magic that is easy to do for ANY situation. 

Last time we were only able to have it for 72 hours. We sold out within the first hour. 

This time we have negotiated to have it available for the entire Black Friday event. Nov 24 - Nov 30.2021. But we are only able to get 50 units. First come first serve basis. 

Own Vow by Patrick Kun today!

Comes with gimmicks for 48 performances and a super detailed streaming instruction video taught by the one and only Patrick Kun. 

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