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ThoughtCast Magic
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Want to take your calculator magic to another level? You can do things never before possible with CALCULON!

Calculator magic is great, but the problem has always been that you had to use YOUR phone to do the magic. Audiences are smart, they know magic apps exist, and they know your phone is suspicious. And you know that magic done with a borrowed object is ALWAYS more powerful than magic done with your stuff.

Enter Calculon. Borrow their phone, and open the calculator, and now you are set to perform! It takes just seconds to set up, with a single tap. Once connected, you can be in another room and see everything typed into the calculator. Plus, you can know the total before they hit equals, as well as peek a variety of info including the city and state they are thinking of, the distance from their hometown, their star sign, number of days they've been alive, celebrities with the same birthdate, and the card at the position they chose randomly, and much more!

Plus, if you do the Toxic force, Calculon is the ultimate tool. No longer worry about them hitting equals or clear too early, you remotely control when the remote is active, plus you can switch force numbers and add force numbers on the fly.

And, if you're not a mentalist, Calculon is the perfect tool for magicians. Make numbers appear, disappear, and change like magic. We partnered with Robert Ramirez to bring his Expert Phone Technique magic to every iPhone, so now you can pick up a phone and perform mindblowing magic never before possible.

When you're done performing, cleanup is a snap. You can clean up in as little as two taps, or leave the phone with them and the evidence will clean itself up automatically.

Jaws will drop and minds will be blown when you perform insane visual magic and mindblowing mentalism with Calculon. When you purchase Calculon, you get instructions for installing the app to your phone and 3 special gimmicks used for performing the trick with a borrowed iPhone.



Borrow their Phone

Ask to borrow their phone and, with one tap, you're connected. No fiddling and no funny business.


Perform a Miracle!

Know their total before they do, make randomly added numbers appear tattooed on your arm, and make numbers change and vanish like magic! All that (and a LOT more) is possible!



All it takes is 3 taps and all the evidence is gone. Or, just hand it back and let them keep it, and the dirty work will clean itself up automatically.




Your calculator magic will NEVER be the same with Calculon!

Get it now!


Frequently Ask Questions:

Not without a heavy amount of preshow...this trick is ideal for in-person performing (ideally once this pandemic is behind us).

Currently, you need to have an iPhone running iOS 14 or newer, and your spectator needs to have an iPhone running iOS 14 or newer. You can use an Apple Watch running WatchOS 6.2 or newer.

Depending on your spectators' network/internet speed, between 5 and 10 seconds. Cleanup can either be done automatically (the device will automatically remove the evidence after a specific period of time), or you can clean up from a shortcut on the spectator's calculator screen.

APP access + NFC Labels