Will Tsai
Master Designer
: Canada
Will is the founder and Master Designer of SansMinds. He founded the company in his early twenties, and has made some major strides since. As one of the top performers and consultants in the magic world, Will travels around the globe to attend and perform at numerous magic events every year.

His dedication and passion for his brand is what makes SansMinds what it is today. His innovative ideas keep him extremely active in the industry, as he is always looking for new and creative ways to entertain and amaze his audience.

Sr. Creative Designer
: United States
Master bender Morgan Strebler is a legend in the modern day magic scene. His metal bending illusions and unique approach to mentalism is bold and terrifying beautiful. Morgan’s unique approach to magic has inspired many young artists and industry professionals alike.
Graphic Designer
: Brazil
Rieque is our Graphic Designer here at SansMinds. Originally striving to be a lawyer, he eventually gave up his degree to pursue his true passion in art. His love for graphic design eventually led him to us here at SansMinds. His role is to make every product and advertisement look as professional and eye-catching as possible.

While he may be a lawyer by trade, Rieque is a graphic artist at heart, and the amount of attention and time he puts into every project really shows that.

: Australia
Half Irish - Half Australian / Made in Australia / Hardcore DC fan

Chris was exposed to the world of magic at the young age of 8. He received his first magic kit from his uncle, and has been in love with magic since. He moved to Canada to pursue a career in acting, where he eventually found us over here at SansMinds. His excitement and passion for magic shows in every video we make, as he can never wait to share more magic with all of you!

Chris is currently in Australia pursuing a career in photography.

Art Director
: Canada
Chinese / Made in Canada / Dark Coffee Addict

Herman grew up with a love for magic. He started honing his magic skills at a young age, and eventually began filming his own magic related media. His passion for digital media grew, and he eventually decided to make a career out of it.

Herman attended Vancouver Film School, where he was scouted by SansMinds, and began to work with us full-time right after graduation. His love for both magic and film led him to SansMinds, and he has not looked back since.

Project Manager
: Canada
Rich is the Project Manager at SansMinds. His role is making sure every project runs smoothly, and is completed on time. He strives for perfection in all of our projects, and always delivers a product the client will be happy with.

Before joining the SansMinds team in 2013, Rich managed multiple stores of various leading retailers in North America. His experience in management makes him a great fit for our fast-paced work environment.

Creative Designer
: Canada
Magic level: Asian / Fish Lover - Gotta eat them all!

Jason is our Creative Designer and Street Performer. Hitting on girls and getting an awesome reaction is mandatory for his role. Jason found a huge passion for magic at the age of 9, and produced his first magic and charity show at the young age of 12.

With over 15 years of experience, Jason has performed at hundreds of various events, including some the hottest parties in Vancouver. He uses a mix of mystery and humour to achieve his signature brand of magic, and dazzles countless audiences every week!

3D Artist
: Canada
Rhys is the 3D Artist of SansMinds. He moved to Canada during his late-teens to pursue an education in Fine Arts, and eventually transitioned into 3D Art and Design. He received his training at Vancouver Film School, and began working at SansMinds after a few years in the Indie Game Industry.

His role is to perform any 3D related tasks, whether it be for concept design, factory specs, or film effects. Rhys has always had a love for games, and when not doing anything art related, his time is spent playing a variety of board / pen & paper / video games.

Assistant Art Director
: Canada
Vietnamese / Made in Canada / Loves to dance when no one is looking

Jansen was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia. He fell in love with magic at a young age after catching a David Copperfield show, which hooked him instantly. He began practicing magic during his teen years, while also finding a passion for digital media, which eventually became his decided on career path.

Jansen graduated from Vancouver Film School, and began his career in film shortly after. His love for magic is what led him to SansMinds, and he can’t wait to show you what we have to offer!

Logistic Management
Sam is the Logistics Manager at SansMinds. He manages our warehouse inventory, and is in charge of making sure all incoming and outgoing packages are delivered with no issues. He always goes the extra mile, and makes sure that your packages are delivered safely and efficiently for your satisfaction.

With a huge passion for photography, Sam loves to gather inspiration by strolling around the city and bird watching. He always has a trusty camera on-hand, ready to capture every perfect, fleeting moment.

General Assistant
Eric is the General Assistant of SansMinds, and the craziest person you will ever meet. His role is to assist any department that needs an extra hand, and being a jack-of-all-trades makes that second nature to him. He is great with people, and makes everyone feel welcome.

He is a master at approaching strangers, and makes friends wherever he goes. He loves learning foreign languages, and is currently honing his skills in Russian.

Chris is the Engineer of SansMinds. His role is to solve any technical or mechanical problems we may run into during one of our projects. His expertise is used for the various designs we create, and he strives to bring you the best product possible.

His love for solving complex problems makes him the perfect fit here at SansMinds. Even his spare time is spent solving various issues and problems involving industrial design.

Who We Are?

SansMinds Magic is the most active magic effects producer worldwide. Our products are used by leading industry professionals, and are featured in various television programs, live concerts, and new media. We create and design everything in-house through our SansMinds Studio, using state-of-the-art technology to bring our magic effects, DVD’s, videos, and playing cards to aspiring magicians and industry leaders alike.

What We Do ?

As magicians, it is our passion to make the impossible possible. We work with artists and creators from around the world, and help transform their ideas into reality. There are no boundaries or limits to magic, and every idea deserves to be noticed.

Our Team

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