How To Get Kinda Famous?

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Not all magic can be performed anytime anywhere.

Not all magicians are treated equally.

Not all magicians are paid equally.

Stage performers utilize distances and having full control over the environment to perform impossible feats that can only be done on stage and make huge sums of money.

Close-up performers use the advantage of being so close up to spectators to create blind spots to work their miracles and make more than national monthly average income per hour.

TV magicians can use clever filming techniques to turn tricks that can be a bit mundane into the absolute work of art and makes a fortune.

This blog is specially written for those who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on magic, but still isn’t making a profit from doing magic.

Those who are not interested in getting paid to do what you love can probably stop here. Doing magic purely as a hobby asking for no return is also a beautiful thing to do.

If you want to get paid doing what you love, then the first step is to try to get gigs. That is not too hard. Just ask around, and you will get one in no time.

However, if you want to earn hundreds of dollars per hour as a magician, then you will need to package yourself as a high-end professional performer who is worth hundreds of dollars per hour.

How to do that?

Social Media.

If you have huge legit followings on social media, then it means you are well presented well in front of the world.

The pay difference between someone who has a little to none online presence and someone who has a well-groomed social media accounts is huge regardless of performance quality.

I know, society isn’t fair, but we have to play by society’s rule if we want to become successful in this unfair society.

Use the inequality in your favor, my friend.

I have compiled a small e-book on exactly how to get your name out there and to get recognized. That is the first step of becoming a million-dollar performer, but it is one of the most important steps to take.

For a limited time only, this push start is only $1.99.

I will share everything I know about social media, mostly focused on Instagram, to help you build your own brand and online presence.

If you follow everything I have talked about in this e-book, then you are already way ahead of those who do not work on self brandings.

Get it before it’s gone.

How To Get Kinda Famous? ebook


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