Armando Lucero’s Workshop Deck

by Armando Lucero

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The Workshop Deck is unlike any other. Whereas most decks are designed with the considerations of the many in mind, this was designed in consideration with the few. The one, in fact. Tailor-made to the his specifications and working style, Armando Lucero’s Workshop Deck encapsulates the feel and sense that is desired by one of the greatest exponents of sleight of hand that has ever lived.


The Box


Gilded with silver metallic leaf, the box is a minimalist statement in luxury while bringing the viewer’s focus on the hidden meanings of the symbolism throughout the design. The textured black matte background gives a unique feel and powerful backdrop to the reflections made by the silver.

The Back


Crafted with grace and patience, the back design is as minimalist as it is ornate. Encoded deeply with symbolism; the meanings of which being known only to Armando and his private workshop students, the design speaks for itself in both mystery and elegance.

The Faces

With high contrast color choices, and strong, bold lines, each face card was given a modern makeover. At the same time, the traditional feel of older images was kept while maintaining the stylistic reinterpretation that is present throughout the design.

The Ace of Spades


Elegance and Symbolism at its heart.

The Feel


The stock of the cards is a hand-picked favorite of Armando Lucero’s. Curated from one of his favorite decks of all time. The stock is durable, snappy and has a thickness reminiscent of casino cards.

The finish is the standard air cushion finish but with a major twist. We experimented with an added layer of protective wax added after the finish. It’s an experimental procedure that creates one of the most exclusive feels you will ever experience.

Additional Information

Dimensions 7 x 9 x 2 cm


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