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Throughout history removing nails has been used as human torture. The feeling of a tiny cut is amplified by a 1,000 times by our brains. Eric Ross and SansMinds Creative Lab will now allow you to bring this amazing, spine-tingling effect to your audiences.

IMAGINE… forcefully pulling your fingernail off your finger… SHOWING it to your spectator, HAVING them touch it…then INSTANTLY heal.

Impactful and memorable
Great for walk around and street magic
Perform surrounded
Instant Reset

Text description would not describe the effect fully. Check out the trailer NOW!

Note: Gimmick has 3 different sizes (Small, Medium, Large). 

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2 reviews for Denail

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is amazing!!!
    The Gimmick:
    Really good And realistic.
    My spectatord every time sayd OMG!
    And Guys No its not a Fake finger!
    The dvd quality is very good
    The instructions is 6star!!

    Sansminds release more good tricks
    Dont stop!!!
    I love you Guys !!!
    Thanks for amazing tricks
    I have 6-8 Sansminds product But this is my favorite ????????

  2. 2 out of 5


    For what you pay for this, vs. what you actually get… SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!
    Pros: The promotional video was very impressive. The instructional video was well shot, lit, & edited. And, …technically, the instruction was clear, & straight forward. The packaging was very nice. And, the underlying concept is interesting.
    Cons: The actual “gimmick” you recieve is at best laughable. [Mind you, I can't say what that gimmick is without giving away the whole thing.] I do agree, it is not a fake finger, it is far less than that. If it had been a fake finger, you might possibly get something of worth. The gimmick wouldn’t even cost you an entire $1, at a junk store. Seriously! As is, IF you were to use the supplied gimmick, you’d be best performing it in low lighting, dealing with spectators who have already had too much to drink. If they are sober and/or in normal lighting, they WILL quickly spot it EXACTLY for what it is, and you WILL be thoroughly laughed AT, NOT WITH.

    Now, that all being said, with a little ingenuity, it IS possible to make this trick work effectively, and get a massive reaction in ANY lighting or situation. First, if you can locate a USED copy of the video, for a song & a handshake, that is how I would recommend getting it. I would not suggest paying the full $36+s&h you would pay for it new. Then I would locate a local Special Make-Up Effects Artist, from your local film-making community. Explain to her/him that you would like them to create a custom, silicone “Thumb-tip” for you, (it can be made from any finger or thumb you prefer). The reason I say thumbtip is mainly because if you have any experience with magic, you’ll have at least some experience with how such a device can be used, (no, the original trick as explained does NOT use one, this is MY suggestion). They will be able to make the tip, with the gimmick built in, make it as “nasty” as you prefer, & they can match it to your fleshtone extremely well. Done properly, it can be inspected in full daylight, and pass for the real thing. It can also be loaded to bleed at little, as you do the effect. Beyond that, it is up to your ability to perform. When finished grossing out your spectators, it is easy to hide away, as you would a regular thumbtip.

    I make these suggestions because, I work as a Special Effects Make-Up Artist, and I’m fully aware of what can be done. Granted, depending on the artist you are dealing with, it COULD get expensive. But, most will likely work with you, and give you a good price, or they might be willing to do it for free just for a laugh. It all depends on the individual artist. But, as long as you treat them fairly, they will usually will be willing to help. Just don’t approach them DEMANDING THEY DO IT FOR FREE. They have bills to pay too. If you make it worthwhile for them to help you, they usually will. Just don’t be a jerk.

    Understand that while I’m giving “DeNail” a relatively negative review, I’m not doing it to Troll the product. I personally fell for the advertising, and what I recieved was VERY dissapointing. I liked the original concept. But, the execution was extremely lacking. Fortunately, do to my dayjob, I can still turn it around and make an effective trick out of it. Hopefully, my above suggestions can help you, too. If you were unlucky enough to also feel cheated as I did.

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