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Product Description

EUNA, the first speed coin created for visual coin magic.

Modern coin magic has shifted toward visual mystery that people could see. With popular social media platforms, magic artists with their insane visuals can be seen by the whole world overnight.

Built from scratch. EUNA not only has the perfect weight, size, color, thickness, texture, and design for modern artists, it carries one special property that no other coins offered in the past. It’s designed to be FRICTION-FREE to for visual coin techniques.

40mm in diameter and 2mm thin. Although modern coin magic has shifted toward using fewer coins for visual clarity, a few of these large coins will provide enough visuals to stun your spectators.

The best part is that it is still heavy enough to feel like a real coin. No more arcade vibe coins!

EUNA has metallic finish while being extremely reflective, so it can be used both close-up and parlor situations making sure everyone can witness the beautiful lie before the magical truth.

While retaining its beautiful design, EUNA has a smooth texture. No need to soften it out because the coins don’t talk already right out of the box. The extreme smooth texture of the metal itself also allows certain moves to get executed with minimum effort (i.e Blow Vanish by Zee).

The design. It reflects inner conflict within artists’ mind and life.

The design… It is a symbolic masterpiece that you can hold in your hands like an amulet. Like how Will Tsai became a worldwide sensation with one video clip and like how a nobody like Zee became the face of the modern coin magic. Regardless of what others say, having faith and taking a leap toward it can completely change your life.

To further serve your taste, we have decided to produce two different colors of EUNA. Standard EUNA is white as snow and always extremely reflective. Moonlight Edition of EUNA is darker overall for low profile performers but reflects like a mirror when needed to so you can leave impeccable retentions in your spectators’ brains.

EUNA make Blow Vanish much easier and faster, so we have decided to include Project Z when you purchase this EUNA set (3 coins in a set)!

Are you ready for your own destiny?


Writer: Shameless Visual Coin Monster Zee


What you received:

- 3 beautifully crafted coins

- Online instruction to Project Z taught by coin Master Zee

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 x 5 x 5 cm

Standard, Moonlight


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