Packet Trick Pro V2

by SansMinds Creative Lab

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Product Description

Last month, our Packet Trick Pro was a hit.

You are probably thinking that we are lying since it was all “old” releases from years ago that we put on a discount.

The truth is they are new to a lot of people and people bought it because they were amazing effects that were overlooked.


Years ago we were a small brand trying to make a name in the community. Not a lot of people know us back then.

Our voice did not have as much reach as we have today.

Our products were often overlooked and buried in the shadows of other more well-known magicians or brands.

Things were very different back then.


Fast forwards to today, we actually have no idea why all a sudden these Packet tricks are doing so well, but, one thing for sure, Packet trick is the trend right now in 2020.

Numbers do not lie. More people spending more time on our site looking at other “older” effects.


If you don’t know where to start, this is it!

In this Packet Trick Pro V2 bundle, we have included


Prospect $38 USD

Share The Love $35 USD

Twisted Queens $30 USD

Modern ESP $30 USD

These four incredible stand-alone performance pieces are original $133 when you buy all of them separately, but we have decided to make it $70.00 for 20 units only!

On top of that, great Packet trick masters need to carry their miracles like a pro.


Our Secret Carrier is retailing at $50.00 USD  but it will be included in PACKET TRICK PRO V2 as a FREE bonus gift!

That is $183.00 worth of goods for only $70.00

Get it before its gone!


Included in this bundle

1 x Prospect $38 USD (gaff cards included)

1 x Share The Love $35 USD (gaff cards included)

1 x Twisted Queens $30 USD (gaff cards included)

1 x Modern ESP $30 USD (gaff cards included)

1 x Secret Carrier (FREE GIFT)


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Dimensions 12 x 12 x 9 cm


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