Packet Trick Pro V3

by SansMinds Creative Lab

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Product Description

Early this year we have two different versions of the Packet trick Pro bundle. The V1 sold out in a week and the V2 sold out in just 2 days.

Many have asked us to restock the bundle. We are proud to announce that v3 is here!


Holey Change $30 USD

Translation $35 USD

Travel  $30 USD

Mimic $30 USD


These four incredible stand-alone performance pieces are original $125 when you buy all of them separately, but we have decided to make it $65.00 for 20 bundles only!

On top of that, great Packet trick masters need to carry their miracles like a pro.


Our Secret Carrier is retailing at $50.00 USD  but it will be included in PACKET TRICK PRO V3 as a FREE bonus gift!

That is $175.00 worth of goods for only $65.00

Get it before its gone!


Included in this bundle

1 x Holey Change $30 USD (gimmick included)

1 x Translation $35 USD (gimmick included)

1 x Travel  $30 USD (gimmick included)

1 x Mimic $30 USD (gimmick included)

1 x Secret Carrier (FREE GIFT)


Additional Information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 9 cm


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