Packet Trick Pro

by SansMinds Creative Lab

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Product Description

”I don’t even need a full deck to make you all scream”, says a packet trick master.

Minimalistic magicians always strive to use as little props as possible to have the greatest performances ever.

Packs small plays big.

Packet tricks are getting more and more popular among magicians in 2020.

How do we know that? All a sudden our Packet tricks are selling like crazy for the last 30 days.

Our current best selling projects are Twisted Queens and Modern ESP in 2020! Who would have thought of that!

We have no idea why all a sudden these two Packet tricks are doing so well, but, one thing for sure, Packet trick is the trend right now in 2020.


If you are not into Packet trick or you don’t know where to start, this is it!

In this Packet Trick Pro bundle, we have included

L.O.V.E. $25 USD

Twisted Queens $30 USD

Change $25 USD

Modern ESP $30 USD

These four incredible stand-alone performance pieces are original $110 when you buy all of them separately, but we have decided to make it $65  for the next 2 days only!

On top of that, great Packet trick masters need to carry their miracles like a pro.


Our Secret Carrier is retailing at $50.00 USD  but it will be included in PACKET TRICK PRO as a FREE bonus gift!

That is $160.00 worth of goods for only $65.00

Get it before its gone!


Included in this bundle

1 x L.O.V.E. DVD + Gaff Cards

1 x Twisted Queens DVD + Gaff Cards

1 x Change DVD + Gaff Cards

1 x Modern ESP DVD + Gaff Cards

1 x Secret Carrier (FREE GIFT)


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