SansMinds Wallet – Suit Up Style (2 piece)

by Will Tsai

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Product Description

Everyone needs a wallet; that’s why SansMinds created one that’s thin, durable, and provides multiple functionalities.

The SansMinds wallet comes in a classic leather look with multiple pockets and a private compartment so you can easily keep things organized.

Two Piece Modern Style – Formal Wallet (6mm thin) for the suit up professional.

It is designed to carry your daily essentials without the extra clutter.

The wallet is also designed so that you can easily set up for: 

No palm signed card to wallet
Devious peek
Borrowed object to wallet

Get your SansMinds Wallet now. This is the All In ONE wallet for the everyday magician.

TV rights NOT included with purchase. All TV rights reserved and available directly from SansMinds Magic only.

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 21 x 17 x 2.5 cm

1 review for SansMinds Wallet – Suit Up Style (2 piece)

  1. 3 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    First star for surprisingly quick delivery of wallet. Second star for the overall look and feel of the wallet. Third star for design and packaging of the wallet.
    I really wanted to give five stars but I felt disappointed when I opened the fancy packaging to find that the removable piece of the wallet had wear and tear already on it. The edges are torn and the pleather material seemed to be ripped off exposing the grey surface under the black coating.
    The big upset is the zipper. I spent a good five minutes trying to carefully unzip the wallet without breaking the entire component altogether. The video shows a seemingly smooth operation of zipping and unzipping of the wallet. My wallet, on the other hand, the zipper teeth are uneven and I have to use two hands to anchor and unzip the wallet and I have to manipulate the zipper teeth in order to zip it closed. As can you imagine… this defeats the whole idea of performing a smooth transition of the card to wallet.

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