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Alain Simonov
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Air by Alain Simonov is more than just a one-trick pony. It's a tool that will allow you to perform countless effects combined with different applications and objects. Cards, coins, money, poker chips, the list goes on. Because of its easy accessibility and usability, Air can be easily applied to your current routine. Both Shin and Alain's goal of this project is to take your current routine to the next level and apply Air to your repertoire.


Store Manager Note: Shin Lim's bonus section (the coin through glass). Special coins are needed in order to accomplish this effect, anything that is similar to the sucker punch gimmicked coins will work.

What is included in the Physical Product:

  • Streaming tutorial on AIR Supplies to perform AIR Bonus section:
  • A tutorial on Shin Lim's coin thru glass ( sucker punch coins needed).
  • Exclusive zoom interview between Alain and Shin.