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Vancouver, Canada

Taiwan Ben

Alchemist: Screwdriver

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First, grab a screwdriver and try to bend it. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

What if you could bend it with your mind, in the open, on your spectator’s hand as everyone watches reinforced steel conform to your mental will? Now, you can.

The perfect effect for stage, close-up, parlor, and TV, metal bending has captured the attention of millions and is one of the strongest mentalist effects around. Watch the look on your spectator’s face when the cold metal starts to tighten and curve in their hand. It’s a moment they’ll never forget.

What’s revolutionary about this particular design, is that the handle allows the heat source to be blocked before triggering the effect. This means you have more flexibility in transporting and preparing for the right moment to perform the miracle.

Want to feel what it is like to be a metal-manipulating superhero? The Self Bending Screw Driver is an impossible bending item that will give you the power of what only TV special effects can offer. 

- Two self-bending screwdrivers included 

- One bends in front of your eyes 

- The second UNBENDS back to normal 

- Easy to perform. – Easy to reset. 

- Activates on body heat. 

- Stays straight at room temperature. 

- Magic happens in your hands, their hands, or hands-off.

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