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Vancouver, Canada

Eden Choi

Atria Lapse

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"The way to get over a fear is to learn and understand."

For full disclosure and transparency, this project is not for the faint of heart. 

Atria Lapse by Eden will challenge every aspect of your magic career.  Whatever you know will go out the window. But once you overcome the fear and setbacks, you will be better than anyone else. 

This project is like a perfect match between Extreme gimmick and Disgustingly difficult techniques

You will learn 3 routines that are out of this world!

Don't just settle for mediocre. We live in a time that good is not good enough. 

It is time to push yourself beyond your limit!

Warnings from the producer: 

1. It requires a considerable amount of skill and dedication to master this project. 

2. Take frequent breaks as your fingers might hurt while you are practicing. 


Format: Streaming Video Only (Not downloadable)

Manipulation balls, shells, and other material are required but not included with purchase. 


Store Manager Note: 

Eden uses 2" size but using 1.7" is easier to master

Purchase a set of high quality Manipulation Ball here

The video supports multiple languages captions/subtitles. However we only offer English at this time. Please pick English in the “Closed Caption” option (bottom right corner) or nothing will show up. 

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