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Vancouver, Canada

Patricio Teran

Conquest of the Heart

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“Patricio Teran has some of the most creative and visually arresting gimmicked card work that I´ve ever seen.” Conquest of the Heart “is astoundingly mind-blowing !!!
I wanna do ….. NOW! “
-Richard Sanders.

Patrick Teran has created an incredible trick where the drawings come to life in a presentation full of romantic conquest.

This multi-phase story routine will bring smiles to people of all ages.

It is fun and cute to perform, perfect for close-up settings or for video performance.

The video instruction includes all the details to build the gimmick and the basic performance. Once you learn the secret of the gimmick you can change the image however you see fit.

This is not just a simple DIY trick. It is a masterclass level of how to build and use this intricate gimmick for your performance.

Please note that it is not for the casual DIY maker.

The video explains in detail the construction of the gimmick. Over 45 mins of gimmick construction.

The gimmick is extremely complicated and hard to make. It REQUIRES HIGH GIMMICK MAKING SKILL.

If you are a great craftsman or would love a challenge, this is for you.   

**If you love this effect but cannot make the gimmick, We are offering gimmick on-demand service. (must be a buyer of this effect to use this service)

Please contact our customer service with your order number. Due to the complicated gimmick, we can only accept a limited number of requests. First come first serve basis.

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