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Vancouver, Canada

Rich Li

CRA Change

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Colour Changes have stood the test of time as one of the most mysterious moments you can give to your audience with a deck of cards. 

Whether it’s a slow change that melts their brain, or a quick eye-catcher, every card magician know a few up their sleeves. 

But our friend from New York, Rich Li, is sharing an illogical one that’ll simply leave the spectator frozen in awe. This, is CRA Change. 

Imagine frying your spectator’s brain with an absurd sequence of colour changes before changing it back like nothing ever happened. 

Why stop at one colour change when you can do 10? Rich not only goes into detail on how to execute the sleight, but also variations that leave you with a clean card to hand out. 

Learn it, and perform it for life. This, is CRA Change.

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