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Vancouver, Canada

SansMinds Creative Lab


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Over 200+ magicians worldwide, and counting, are performing this POWERFUL piece of magic!

Imagine a simple, powerful, hyper-visual flight of a pen cap that can occur right in front of your spectators’ eyes.

Completely practical, extremely simple to learn and easy to perform, anywhere, anytime.

Distance is a fast attention grabber with nothing but a pen that sits in your pocket. 

Your spectator could even hold the pen while the cap flies all the way to pen itself. 

Perfect for:
✅ Social Media
✅ Live Party Performances
✅ Live Close up/street magic

What you receive:
- Online video performance instruction.

Learn it instantly on-demand through online streaming. No shipping. No waiting.

***Please note that this is a digital format. No material mention in the video will be provided with this purchase. 

We believe in providing only the best materials to our customers and have been doing so for the past 10 years without fail. In the unlikely event you face any issues or concerns about the product, shoot us an email here , we will be more than happy to assist you and do whatever it takes to resolve any issues for your satisfaction!

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