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Vancouver, Canada

Felix Bodden


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The Most IMPOSSIBLE Transpo

From the mind of Felix Bodden, as featured in Penn & Teller's : Fool Us

Simply lay 2 cards on the table and have them change places instantly with seemingly no effort!

This effect is easy to do and quick to reset making it the perfect transpo effect for your staple routine. No fishy moves and little sleight of hand required.

If you're looking for something cool to post on your social media to gain attention, this is it.

Perfect for:
✅ Social Media
✅ Instagram/FB
✅ Tik Tok

What you receive:
- Online video performance instruction

Learn it instantly on-demand through online streaming. No shipping. No waiting.

***Please note that is this a DIY Digital version. You will need to buy additional supplies mentioned in the instruction video. No supplies mention in the video will be supplied.



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