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Vancouver, Canada

Patricio Teran


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"This is madness! My mind is exploding!"- Avi Yap
"I'm a big fan of the matrix routine. Patricio's routine is so unique and his touches are beautiful"- Jeki Yoo
With the Fantasy project you will learn Patricio's underground and personal favorite routines evolved to a whole new level.
  • No special table
  • No black art
  • No camera tricks
On this download you will learn:
  • The diagonal explosion
  • Element
  • Chink flash
  • Dice surprise
  • Fantasy
  • Real element
"Patricio's magic is a combination of the best and the most powerful. It's cutting edge magic!"- Mott-sun
"WOW, that's visual!"- Danny Goldsmith

Format: Streaming Video only. 

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