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Vancouver, Canada

Patricio Teran


3 Reviews


From South America, Chile returns Patricio Terán again with his great illusions focused this time to floating in a compilation of 8 ideas that you can incorporate and surprise in your routines. Read the comments.

"This is like real magic" Takumi Takahashi.
"This is what levitation should look like. Magic that happens in mid air "Patrick Kun" Patricio Terán, has very creative and visual ideas" Matthew Garrett

"This is just impossible in any way!!!" Félix Bodden.

8 incredible tricks:

1-Air link

2-Air link 2.0

3-Ninja Aéreo

4-Ninja Aéreos 2.0

5-Aerial Phosphorus

6-Aerial Phosphorus 2.0

7-One Floating credit card.

8-Double and Triple credit card levitation

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