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Vancouver, Canada

Alexey Sviridkin

Godly Vanish

35 Reviews
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They'll swear this card vanish is only possible with CGI...


Amaze your friends at a party or on social media with this IMPOSSIBLE card vanish at your fingertips, with no fishy moves!

In early 2018, Americas Got Talent's Will Tsai first showcased his insane slow-mo visual card vanish on YouTube and it has caught the eyes of magicians worldwide.

We were swarmed with messages for a tutorial to learn this amazing vanish...

Many magicians sent us their methods for this card vanish, and we found the perfect one that is easy to do and practical for live performances! 

Godly Vanish by Alexy Sviridkin will be an incredible addition to your repertoire!

Over 748+ magicians LOVE this!

Perfect for:
✅ Social Media
✅ Live Party Performances
✅ Live Close up/street magic

What you receive:
- Online video performance instruction

Learn instantly on online streaming. No shipping. No waiting.


The method behind

Godly Vanish by Alexy Sviridkin might not end as clean but it is as ingenious as Will Tsai's original, and the simpler set up also makes it extremely easy to get into the effect and perform. No complicated set up or tight angle restriction. This is as pure as magic can get. 

If you want something that ends super clean. Check out Godly Vanish 2.0

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