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Sang Soon Kim
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At The Online Magic Store, we only stock products that are polish and fine tuned. We believe Goods by Sang Soon Kim meets the standard.
Goods is a routine that Sang Soon Kim uses as part of his award winning FISM act.
What exactly did he win? He won 2018 FISM Most Original Stage Act. 
He also performed the act on Penn and Teller Fool Us. The performs went viral on the internet with big names like Penn and Teller and Shin Lim praising him. 
If this is not polished enough for you. Nothing on the market will be good enough for you. 
Below is what Sang Soon Kim has to say about Goods. 
Hi, I'm magician Sang Soon Kim

Goods which I used at FISM is a gimmick that I made because I always want to carry.

The reason that I made a new product is because I wish everyone can perform anytime, anywhere with my gimmick which I have performed on the stage.

A single tool with a wide range of functions enables like chop cup, vanishing, and appearing system.

With the recent development of online streaming services, It would be very effective on various online platforms such as SNS or ZOOM.

Also, it has an attractive casual design that is suitable to use everyday, so
You can perform wherever you are without any restrictions on the location.

It’s easy and simple to perform and just 3 seconds is all you need to set.

If you want to be a star both daily magic and social media magic at the same time, please be with Goods.

I hope my work will be remembered for a long time with Goods.

What is inside the box?
  1. Normal Shoe(left) 
  2. Gimmick Shoe(right) 
  3. Gimmick Shoes Case 
  4. Streaming Lecture 
  5. Footprint Video Download Link


 Watch the full Penn & Teller Fool Us Performance 


shin lim instagram