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Vancouver, Canada

Mario Tarasini

Hands Free

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Imagine being able to visually RESTORE a torn card without even touching the card!

Traditional TNR tricks are usually long-winded. This is designed for modern world magic to keep your spectator's focus and attention because the restoration happens INSTANTLY and IMPOSSIBLY!

It's easy to doeasy to reset, and ready to go whenever you're ready to blow some minds.

Our goal is to show visual magic as it is, from start to finish; so that you know exactly how your spectators would see it. No tricks and misleading ads. No crazy reactions. 

What you see in the demo, is exactly what you will be taught, a COMPLETE RESTORATION of a card, nothing to hide in your hands.

Perfect for:

✅ Social Media

✅ Live Party Performances

✅ Live Close up/street magic


What you receive:

- Online video performance instruction.

Learn it instantly on-demand through online streaming. No shipping. No waiting.

***Please note that is this a DIY Digital version. You will need to buy additional supplies mentioned in the instruction video. 



We are confident that you'll LOVE this! That's why we have a bold 100% money-back policy, if in the unlikely event this doesn't work for you after you have set up the gimmicks as instructed, you'll receive 100% of your money back. Shoot us an email should you have any questions!


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