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Vancouver, Canada

Will Tsai

Holely Complete (Dual Disk Set)

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The legendary Holely is back AND BEYOND. This set contains BOTH Original Holely AND Beyond Holely disk sets with according props.

The release of Holely has taken the magic world by storm. Holely is a no brainer when it comes to a Hole Moving effect. It’s clean, it’s REALLY easy, and it’s a KILLER!

Now let’s go Beyond Holely.
What’s Beyond Holely?
Beyond Holely is an extension of the legendary Holely from the mind of Will Tsai. Finally in English for supporters in North America.

Beyond Holely features

The world’s first self animated hole effect
Modern security effect – move a hole on a working credit card.
Move the intangible space on borrowed and unprepared items.
Bills, receipts, newspaper, you name it! Even onto a water bottle!

Simple & Powerful Magic at your fingertips.

Prop included.

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