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Vancouver, Canada


Ignitor by G.

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An interesting concept that allows you to produce anything in a flash, directly from G.'s very own personal arsenal!

We all know that producing an object with flash paper is VERY strong. There are a lot of expensive gimmicks that can secretly ignite the flash paper out there, but most of them are impractical and does not work all the time. G. has found an interesting solution to this. You can adapt this concept to produce ANYTHING you like WITHOUT expensive gimmicks.

This is Ignitor.

G also shares an innovative effect where a lighter appears in a flash of fire and disappears in a flash of fire.


DANGER: This product uses REAL fire. Must be 21-years or older to purchase. The use and operation of fire magic can be a dangerous and hazardous activity and involves an inherent risk of property-damage, injury and death. THE USER OF THIS PRODUCT ASSUMES AND ACCEPTS ALL RISKS RELATED TO THE PRODUCT'S USE.

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