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Insu has been creating beautiful and loving routine for the last 20 years. His goal is to create the most warming and loving act. 

He is proud to present Inflatwo that meets his goal and he has combine the 3 main elements loved by magician world wide:  modern simplicity, visual, and speed. 

Inflatwo includes two incredible and heart warming routines.


A balloon transform into a piece of silk right in front of your eye. Not just once but four consecutive times. 


As white balloon pops up, black balloon and white handkerchief will appear, and again the handkerchief will disappear or wrap around the balloon, and then the silk fountain will appear.


The instruction goes over great details about how to make and use the gimmick. Insu also teaches how he applies them in his show. 

Format: Streaming Video Only (Not downloadable)

Manipulation balls, shells, and other material are required but not included with purchase. 

Format: Streaming Video Only (Not downloadable)

Korean audio and English subtitle. 


Store Manager Note: 

Additional material is needed to make the gimmick and is not supplied with digital purchase. 

The video supports multiple languages captions/subtitles. However we only offer English at this time. Please pick English in the “Closed Caption” option (bottom right corner) or nothing will show up. 


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