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Into Thin Air V2.0 - Sultan Orazaly - The Online Magic Store

Into Thin Air V2.0

Sultan Orazaly
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Into Thin Air V2.0 by Sultan Orazaly Making a solid object vanish has never failed to spark a sense of wonder in spectators’ hearts.

Magicians have worked on numerous ways of vanishing a card, but none of them is as visual and easy as this one.

Introducing Into Thin Air 2.0, Sultan Orazaly from Kazakhistan has gifted the magic community with this incredible effect of making your spectator’s selection instantly vanish without any cover.
Although it is an amazing effect on its own, just imagine how much stronger routines from your repertoire would be with this effect!

Card to Pocket, Sandwich, Card to Ceiling, you name it. Now it is your turn to upgrade your working repertoire with this hyper-visual vanish with limitless possibilities.

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1 fully made gimmick

1 Instruction DVD


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1 Instructional Download (DIY version)


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