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Vancouver, Canada

Junpyo Kim


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''I saw Kim's Dribble Catch at 4F and absolutely loved it. It's one of the most impossible looking skill demonstration one can do.'' - Denis Behr

Can you do a dribble with your cards?

Can you catch in the middle of the deck?

What about doing both at the same time?

With Katch, you can now take it a step further. You can always find the card you are looking for!

Best part is..NO GIMMICK!

You can even do it with a borrowed deck if you want to.

You will receive a 30 minutes downloadable video that teaches you multiple variations you see in the demo.

You will learn everything from the basic card catch to how to accurately find the cards you are looking for.

Shin Lim even featured this on his own Instagram. It is that good! Check it out here.


Please note that the audio is in Korean with English subtitles. 

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