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Vancouver, Canada

Eden Choi

Logic 2

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Logic 2 is a complete course on the foundation of card manipulation. Eden walks through step by step on everything you need to know about card manipulation. 



📺 There is no superiority between modern and classic. 📱

In the end, they are the same in the roots that they both want to show good things.

Let's mix, change, and create!

[ CHAPTER ' 1 ' ] 💵 20$

- One Card Routine

- Five Card Routine

- Fan Production 1

- Fan Production 2

- Pivot Routine

- Fan Moving

Strong basics of card manipulation have been recomposed as a classic routine.

The routines which have been presented by many magicians before have been composed more sophisticated and visual.


[ CHAPTER ' 2 ' ] 💵 20$

- Card Color Change

- Twilling

- Card Roll Down

- Perfect+Backpalm

- Tenkai+Wilson

- Juliana Chen Production+Backpalm+Perfect

It's not difficult. Those which were used are all the basics.

If you have found strong enough basics, you can do it without a difficult gimmick.

Try the card manipulation routines right now, which have been recomposed with a contemporary feel.


Store Manager Note:

Eden has chosen to teach this course without any talking so you can focus on following each movement. 

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