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Vancouver, Canada

Jun Mini


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There are many versions on the markets, such as  Exchange by Felix Bodden, that teach how to morph a card into another card. But most of them require a heavy gimmick set up or extremely difficult sleight of hands. 

Finally there is something that is easy to do with a perfect between gimmick and sleight of hands.

Midnight by Jun Mini is the solution.

It includes practical routines and various applications. You will learn the details for two kinds of gimmick-construction to achieve different applications in the trailer. 

Store Manager Note: 

Format: Digital streaming Only 

Additional material is needed to make the gimmick and is not supplied with digital purchase. 

The video supports multiple languages captions/subtitles. However we only offer English at this time. Please pick English in the “Closed Caption” option (bottom right corner) or nothing will show up. 

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