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Vancouver, Canada


Mystick: ANT Edition

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This product has been discontinued by the creator. 




The paddle trick is considered to be the foundation of magic. One of the classic effects a beginner can start with and the advanced magician can still enjoy performing.

The downside is that most of the paddle trick on the market is made of cheap plastic and with outdated aesthetic.

Mystick: ANT Edition is none of that. PH has collaborated with master craftsmen in Korea with different industries to bring this to life.


PH believes heavily in quality over quantity. he has worked very closely together with skillful carpenters, leather workers, and metal smiths, to ensure that each part of the Mystick is hand made to the highest grade.



Full Performance  
mystick by PH
What is inside the Mystick: ANT Edition - Premium Set?
1 Gimmick Ebony Wood Paddle
1 Non-Gimmick Ebony Wood Paddle
1 Leather Case
10 Brass Ants

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