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Vancouver, Canada

S Magic


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Teleportation has been an iconic plot in magic. In the recent year, the popularity has been taken to a whole new level with projects such as Rose Act by Will Tsai, and Portal by Eric Chien and many others. 

N-PAD by S Magic will now join these iconic acts in the teleportation line up. 

S Magic love to do the impossible. Have you every want to have signed coins, cards, or even a borrowed ring to vanish visually, and then to have it appeared inside mini bag? With N-Pad, you can do just that. What's more, everything happens in the most intuitive and natural way, no funny move is needed. 

You will let the audience choose a coin or card and sign it, you can also borrow the spectator a ring, key... Then you disappear it under the palm of your left hand, and it will appear at right hand, or in the mini bag. You have full control on when the vanish happens when the object will reappear. 

N-PAD is made of high-grade durable aluminum frame and the mechanical parts are designed to be easily repaired or replaced. 

Store Manager Note:

As with all amazing releases, there are some limitation. 

We want to make sure we are fully transparent with all the finding we have discovered on this project that are not mention in the original ad copy and trailer. N-PAD admits a small audible "click" sound when the item "appears," The sound is very similar to The Vanishing Ring box when the ring vanishes. The Matrix routine at the end of the trailer cannot be done with N-Pad as the structure is not build that way to achieve the effect. The system is fully mechanical and does not have any electronic parts. 

Size:  12.6 x 18.7  1.4 inches (~ 32 x 47.5 x 3.5 cm)

Weight : 2.1 lbs (~ 1kg)

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