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Vancouver, Canada

Sebastien Calbry


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First of all, for all the curious magicians, trying to "figure it out" from the trailer, Passage can be instant reset. It does not use magnet, elastic thread, and latex.

Here is what Passage is all about. 

From French creator Sebastien Calbry comes another superb piece of visual magic perfect for opening your close-up set or going viral on social media!

Penetrate an object through a playing card in a really magical and visual way!

Passage is a trick that will allow you to pass an object such as a marker, a pen, a straw, a Mikado, through a Bicycle playing card, in an original and impossible way.

Grab the card, place a Sharpie behind it and in one motion, the pen will pass through the centre without leaving any trace. You really have to see this to believe it, it's so fast and visual that your spectators won't have time to understand what just happened. Adapt the object to fit your routine the object can even be borrowed!

Passage is very easy to perform, with less than 5 mins practice you will be performing this small miracle.

Sebastien has designed the effect so that it can be performed on all your social media: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. All you have to do is publish and get thousands of likes and followers!

The gimmick is painstakingly hand-made to work flawlessly.

But the good news is, each Passage comes with ready made Red or Blue gimmick so you can perform right out of the box. 

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