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Pasteboard from the SansMinds Worker’s Series is a project designed to serve the working magicians.

Every piece in this card magic collection is selected with the highest standard considering its commercial value, practicality, angles, and the venue these effects cater to.

The effects range from close-up, strolling situations, to live feed with a projection system.

  1. Tap Change- A full card color change in the spectators’ open palm! [Close-up / Strolling]
  2. Tear – A two-card transposition effect designed for direct interaction with the spectator. [Strolling / Close up]
  3. Take – A pip moving card effect designed for TV or stage with live feed projection.
  4. Mouth – An open prediction with a twist. A joker changes to a signed card all the way up in the magician’s mouth. [Close-up / Strolling]
  5. Move – Visually linking two hearts drawn with a sharpie on a SIGNED card right underneath the signature. [TV / Close-up / Strolling]