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Vancouver, Canada

Patrick Kun


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Patrick Kun
America’s Got Talent, Season 16
Celebrity Magician

Patrick, an underground sleight of hand master, who went on the AGT stage, took the stage by storm and wowed the 4 judges with just two hands and a deck of card.

Imagine YOU walk into any party, bar, or social gathering. Take out a deck of cards and be the star of the night. Yes you can do it too and Patrick will show you how!

Patrified is a collection of 7 CGI-looking card tricks invented by Patrick the man himself. The coolest part is it’s not hard to learn at all! You can do it too.

Learn from the best! Learn sleight of hand tricks from Patrick Kun NOW!


Learn it instantly on-demand through online streaming.

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**Please note that no gimmick or material mention in the instruction will be provided for the online streaming format.


This collection includes:

  • Morf
  • Inflict Evolved
  • PK Double
  • Center Point Retouch
  • Be-Tween Production
  • DIY Aces
  • Collection Exclusive: Snowblind


*Please do not purchase the above effects individually if you are getting this Patrified bundle. As all the effects mentioned above are included in this download, at a discount!

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