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Vancouver, Canada

Julio Montoro


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If you want people to feel like they have their mind manipulated, try messing with their perfective.

"Perspective" from Julio Montoro allows to do exactly that. 

Julio has created many high impact effects such as Pocket, X-Change, Hallpass and many more. Perspective is no exception. 

 This super visual and fun blend magic trick / mind-bending optical illusions is the perfect trick for TikTok, Instagram, Zoom and all of your virtual magic shows.

When you place an object closer to your eyes, it looks bigger than the objects behind it. That's how perspective works. But, with this new gimmick, you can make this perspective permanent.

Two equal parts of a playing card or gift card are shown. One part is moved forward to show this phenomenon. Yet, once it's moved back, it's actually much bigger than the other piece.

Each "Perspective" set comes with 2 AMAZING GIMMICKS: A king of clubs and Starbucks loyalty card.

Get it now and manipulate minds with perspective!


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