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Photoshop 2.0 Extended Photo Pack

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The Extended Photo Pack is professionally produced and made available for those who don’t have time to customize their own effects, effects as follows

a. Kiss chocolate
b. Sponge ball
c. 4 half dollars for coin routine,
d. Goldfish
e. Lighter
f. Ferrero Rocher chocolate
g. Mystery Card (Red Bicycle Back)


All professionally taken and prepared to save your hassle. 

For those who are interested in knowing how PhotoShop will help you in your repertoire for years to come, here’s a quick read. 

This market is overfilled with products, and this one has stood the test of time in our repertoire. 

The original PhotoShop was released over a decade ago by Will Tsai. At the time when visual magic on TV was the trend, Will’s vision was to explore the concept of constructing the visual for spectators’ heads instead of their eyes. At the time it was a huge success for him. When it was first released because it was so different, some magicians hate it, some gave it a chance and tried. And some absolutely loved it. For those who tried, most fell in love with instant discovery of the practicality and how well spectators respond to the Most who are still in close touch with us about how they are evolving their own routine after a decade.  It’s so adaptable, the cleverness hiding behind the boldness is surreal. 

Wherever we go, gimmicks can be made tailor to the situation easily. It’s magically done with the relevant objects, whether if it’s local items or situational like a lost wedding ring found in a photo. The magic is SO simple, directly, describable that most magicians don’t understand why and how in the world the magic would work until when they see our audience respond to the magic-using PhotoShop.

It’s been more than 10 years and things come and go. We made this one come back with zero hesitation. 

If you are looking for powerful and simple magic that’s adaptable and practical. We strongly encourage you to give PhotoShop 2.0 a try. 


The Online Magic Store note:

This Extended Photo Pack only comes with photos only and does not include the gimmick.

If you need the gimmick please refer to Photoshop 2.0


What is inside the box?

a. Kiss chocolate (6 photos)
b. Sponge ball  (6 photos)
c. 4 half dollars for coin routine  (6 photos)
d. Goldfish  (6 photos)
e. Lighter  (6 photos)
f. Ferrero Rocher chocolate  (6 photos)
g. Mystery Card (Red Bicycle Back)  (6 photos)

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