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Vancouver, Canada

Juan Capilla


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After taking over SansMinds Magic, we have spent the last few months digging through their entire production records and archive.  

Many will never see the light again as we do not believe they do not meet product standards. However, there are some gems within the large collection. 

Reborn by Juan Capilla is one of them. This is easily one of our favorites so we have decided to put it out on the market.  

Reborn was originally a DIY project like many of the SansMinds Magic releases but like many of our customers, we hated the DIY product. We want to play with the effect right out of the box. 

That is why we have decided to include a pre-made gimmick so you can skip the arts and craft sessions and perform it right out of the box. 

If you liked Repair by Juan Capilla, you will definitely like Reborn by Juan Capilla. 

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