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Santa Sack

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Christmas is just around the corner. This is the time to get your gift for your loved ones. 

A lot of you love the idea of the Big Mystery Box but thought the price is a bit high to give away as a gift. 

We have listened so we have created a new one call Santa Sack. 

To better accommodate the gift price we have made some adjustments to the content. We offer 2 different options now! For both options, you will receive 1 premium magic props at random from the list below:

Absolute Zero

Andy Bubble

Silent Assistant (Sing or Duo set)

Vanishing Ring Box (Red or Black or Duo Set)

Rose Act (standard or Prestige edition)

Alchemist: Blossom 

Alchemist: Screwdriver

Light it Up + Custom Flash paper

Light it Up X  

 + Custom Flash paper


Thump Tip Ignitor Pro + Custom Flash paper

Watch This by Rex

Inside the $45.00 sack, you will receive

1 (one) of the following premium magic props at random

1 (one) Mystery Decks (value varies)

3 (three) DVDs at random (value over $90)

Total estimated value up to $600


Inside the $65.00 sack, you will receive:

1 (one) of the following premium magic props at random

3 (three) Mystery Decks (value varies)

5 (five) DVDs at random (value over $150)

Total estimated value up to $750


The Santa Sacks are a prepackaged bundle. Not even our shipping team knows what is inside. It's a gamble from both sides and that makes it fun for everyone!

Limited to 30 sets each

Are you ready to test your luck?


**ALL Mystery Deck and Santa Sack orders are final sales. No Change or Refunds