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Vancouver, Canada

Joao Miranda

Smoke Watch Pro

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João Miranda's innovative Smoke Watch is back and better than ever!


When the Smoke Watch was first introduced in 2016, magicians around the world were blown away. This was the first time they could produce smoke without sleeves and they couldn't get enough. It was even used by David Copperfield live on TV at the ACM awards.


As a result, the Smoke Watch sold out completely!


Now, this original design has been rebuilt from the ground up to create the revolutionary new Smoke Watch PRO.


Producing smoke immediately adds a WOW factor to any magic trick and it's never been easier to do than now!


Key Upgrades


  • Wireless Charging: The watch automatically starts to charge when placed on top of the charger. It also vibrates to indicate when the charge is complete.
  • Crown Activation: Meticulous design and engineering was dedicated to placing a micro spring in the crown that allows you to activate the smoke by pressing it.
  • Handsfree Activation: In addition to activating the watch with the crown, there is also a micro switch on the wristband that allows you to activate it by pushing your wrist against your body.
  • Programmable Delays: You can now easily program the smoke delay time from the moment the watch is activated. Vibrations also provide constant feedback.
  • Customizable Smoke Amount: As a result of customer demand for a shorter cloud of smoke, you can now produce either 3 or 5 seconds worth of smoke.
  • Improved fan: A new manufacturing process has been used to increase the angle of the fan blade and make both the fan and smoke more efficient.
  • Increased Comfort: The internal battery is now in the watch shell instead of the wristband, making the entire device significantly more comfortable.
  • FAQS


    1. Do I need the Smoke Watch PRO if already own the original Smoke Watch?
    The Smoke Watch PRO has been carefully re-designed based on customer feedback. It is superior in design, performance and comfort.


    2. Does the Smoke Watch PRO tell time?
    João felt it was incredibly important to create a thin and modern watch that didn't raise suspicion. For the watch to tell time, extra mechanics would have needed to be added. This would have increased the thickness of the watch significantly and made it look like a magic prop. Therefore, a conscious decision was made to have the device NOT tell time.


    3. How many puffs of smoke can a fully-charged watch produce
    A fully-charged battery should last for about 25 puffs of smoke.


    4. How long does it take to charge the Smoke Watch PRO battery
    Approximately 2.5 hours.


    5. How do I know when the battery is low?
    The improved circuit board vibrates 3 times in a row when it's time to charge the battery. It's also specially designed to not let you fully discharge the battery.


    6. How long does it take to refill the watch?
    It's very easy and convenient to refill the watch. All you need to do is apply a tiny bit of smoke liquid on the coil. This takes just 3 seconds. Every Smoke Watch PRO set comes with:
  • Smoke Watch PRO
  • Lipo rechargeable battery
  • Optimized wireless charger
  • USB cable
  • Refill liquid
  • Leather box with custom foam insert

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