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Vancouver, Canada

Loki Kross

Sonic Stab

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We have brought this classic illusion, into the modern world.

Back in the day, magicians would carry a sword and use it to pierce a spectator's chosen card, creating an aura of mystery and danger.

Now imagine throwing a deck of cards into the air, grab your headphones, crack it like a whip, and stab right through your spectator's card!

Completely practical, extremely easy to learn and perform

The method is ingenious and it hits 100% of the time. No complicated set-up, you can perform this ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

Perfect for:

✅ Social Media

✅ Live Party Performances

✅ Live Close up/street magic


What you receive:

- Online video performance instruction.

Learn it now instantly on-demand through online streaming. No shipping. No waiting.



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